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I have a beautiful pepper plant in my Patio garden. Let’s call her Vasu.

Here’s the story of how Vasu gave me a mini-course on Acceptance.

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Every time I clean my apartment, I let out a silent prayer- “Oh god, please! I hope I don’t have to do this again”, clearly knowing that I will repeat the entire process after 2–3 days.

And once I am done cleaning for the day, I feel a sense of peace, freedom, and relief.

Gardening is a process.

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In the past few months, I have met many experienced Gardeners who have grown their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for years and still say that they are learning.

With increase in the influence of external factors such as excess heat, water shortage, heavy rains, soil quality, etc., predicting plant growth (and plant’s requirements) has become more challenging than ever.

But this article is more about “beginner mistakes.”

I still laugh when I think about a few of my silly errors. But like I said, Gardening is a process, and we learn from it.

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Yes. You heard me right. We threw out our trash after 2.5 months.

I know what you are thinking. How can my partner and I be so filthy?

How could we let a stinking pile of garbage rot in our homes (1 bedroom apartment to be precise) for 2.5 months without any concern for sanitation?
Well, let me tell you how?

We hardly have any Trash! With just a few minor adjustments to our lifestyle, we were able to reduce our trash drastically.

We intend to reach a point in our lives where we throw out trash only every six…

Some amazing photos of fresh, organic, pesticide-free produce.

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It has been almost eight months since I started Volunteering with Community Gardens and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some photos of the vegetables/fruits that were donated to people in need.

Please note that a Volunteer friend took most photos shown below, and to protect her privacy, I decided to refrain from mentioning her name. She has been informed that I will be using the Photos.

#1 Cucumbers

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My hands shook as I wrote my first social media post after eight long months.

What were people expecting, did anyone even care, what if they called me weird, what if I became a topic of discussion, what if people thought I was stupid. These were real questions that came to my mind as I sat down to write.

But once I started typing, things began to flow and I calmed down. After almost eight months, I didn’t know how to “act” anymore. I didn’t mince my words.

I just wrote what was in my heart.

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Being a huge Marvel fan, one scene from The Avengers Endgame Movie has always stuck with me.

It’s when Captain America brings everyone together to fight a common enemy, a.k.a Thanos. He holds Thor’s hammer and says these golden words- Avengers Assemble.

You get to see unity at it’s best!

But in the real World, things are slightly different, especially for an Environmentalist.

I do not wish to put all “Environmentalists” under a single box and assume that no one except an Environmentalist actually cares about what’s happening to our Planet.

That would be irresponsible and would hamper growth.


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Whenever I share articles or videos related to sustainability, climate change, or plastic pollution, people often ask me this question- “What is the solution to these problems?”

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Check out Part 1 of the article here:

In continuation to Part 1 of the article, here are a few more insects that I found while working in community gardens:

Note: Please let me know if there are any errors in identification.

a) Armyworm Moths (Larve)

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What is your ideal holiday?

Pristine beaches, high mountains, waterfalls, lush green forests, a safari tour where you get to see lions, elephants, tigers, or an ocean tour where we experience being with turtles, dolphins, whales, beautiful corals, etc.?

That’s what most people mention when I ask them about their ideal vacation spots.

Seethal Jayasankar

Part-time Gardener | Part-time Writer | Part-time YouTuber | Full-time Sustainability enthusiast

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