Environmentalists… Assemble

Being a huge Marvel fan, one scene from The Avengers Endgame Movie has always stuck with me.

It’s when Captain America brings everyone together to fight a common enemy, a.k.a Thanos. He holds Thor’s hammer and says these golden words- Avengers Assemble.

You get to see unity at it’s best!

But in the real World, things are slightly different, especially for an Environmentalist.

I do not wish to put all “Environmentalists” under a single box and assume that no one except an Environmentalist actually cares about what’s happening to our Planet.

That would be irresponsible and would hamper growth.

Like everything else, I consider Environmentalism to be a spectrum.

Some people do not care at all, some only complain, some care enough but do not actively make changes to be better, and some get up every day to make positive changes.

Privilege plays a massive role in considering where you lie in the spectrum. Plus, a person can go back and forth on the range depending on their mental health and other personal circumstances.

But I often wonder, will we ever reach the “Avenger’s level of unity” to defeat our common enemy, a.k.a Climate change, Plastic pollution, Coral Bleaching, Wildlife extinction, Deforestation, and Income Inequality?

I write this article sitting near a window watching heavy rain hit Texas, that too in mid-July! I haven’t seen this amount of rain in the six years that I have been here.

By working with two community gardens, I have seen the firsthand effects of changing climate on the plants.

Root rotting, Slugs, and decreased production.

Ultimately, climate change will create massive climate variations that would cause droughts, flooding, hurricanes, storms, etc., and lead to food shortages.

So, unity in tackling these issues isn’t just another option for us; that’s probably our only option. And we have a long way to go in that aspect.

When I started my initial journey towards sustainable living, things felt lonely. While everyone I knew was incredibly supportive of most of my actions, it still felt like I was fighting a solitary battle.

Nobody really cared.

Enter… the Internet World.

Medium changed everything.

In the past two months, I had the privilege to read and follow some incredible writers whose words made me realize that there were still human beings who cared.

Here are a few of them who have helped me maintain my strength and sometimes even challenged my views about different aspects of Sustainability: Cindy Heath, JM Heatherly, Patrick Metzger, Jamie McIlhatton, Jordan Fearn, Naomi Pham, Krista Kurth Ph.D., Darren Ray, Faron Sage, and so many more.

I am sure I am still missing some major ones, and I apologize for that.

Thank you for showing the courage to speak your mind.

Now more than ever, Climate scientists, Environmentalists, Marine Biologists, Conservationists, and Sustainability experts need support.

It’s time to wake everyone up and show them where we are heading. Only then do we have a chance to get through this massive problem.

So Environmentalists, wherever you are in the spectrum, it’s time to assemble.

And to all the climate change/sustainability writers, please keep writing because it matters. Your words matter!

It did to me, at least.

Check out my YouTube channel for inspiring videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBfUxVSxC0koxGSkwzVRYzQ



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