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  • Stephan Joppich

    Stephan Joppich

    Formerly Leo Sharp • Ex-engineer • Weekly insights on loneliness & simplifying life • Get exclusive content with my free newsletter → stephanjoppich.ck.page

  • Dan Brioli

    Dan Brioli

    Deivore (haven’t been able to prove it). Been a top writer in a few categories — stop caring about that stuff. The report of my death was an exaggeration.

  • Andrew Merle

    Andrew Merle

    I write about simple tips to optimize your health & longevity. Subscribe to my email list at andrewmerle.com.

  • J.R. Flaherty🌱

    J.R. Flaherty🌱

    On a journey to be more green in work and life 🇪🇺 welcome to my kinda incunabula

  • Shefali O'Hara

    Shefali O'Hara

    Cancer survivor, artist, writer, engineer. Grew up in NYC, living in Austin. Love animals, books, hikes, art, travel, D&D and fireworks.

  • Melody Meyer

    Melody Meyer

    Intrepid traveler, curious cook & agricultural advocate who revels in provocating through my fingers.

  • Tasha's Little Corner

    Tasha's Little Corner

    Hello! I write about equality, mental health, the climate crisis, and social justice. Welcome to my little corner of the world.

  • Jane Reid

    Jane Reid

    Jane Reid is an educator, tutor, women’s rights advocate, and mom. Here to make your life easier one article at a time.

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