I spent 4 hours cooking and cleaning and none of it “matters”

As I got up this morning, my plan for the day was clear. Prepare some fresh Almond milk, wash off some alfa-alfa and radish sprouts, make some vegetable broth and cook a nourishing lunch (in addition to cleaning and preparing a healthy dessert). The whole work took around 4 hours.

As I completed washing off the last dish and cleaning the kitchen counters, I started to feel “unproductive.” I felt as if I hadn’t accomplished anything the entire morning. As I quieted down my mind and got thinking, I understood exactly why I felt that way.

I had called someone this morning and, during our call, mentioned to them that I was cooking a meal. I didn’t require any response to comprehend what they were thinking. I could almost hear them saying, “You have a Masters in electrical engineering, and here you are cooking food on a Wednesday morning. Is this what you plan to do with your life?”.

I understand where this attitude comes from as well. I worked in a corporate environment for almost seven years and left my job five months back to pursue a few of my interests. Since my partner still had a full-time job and I could balance some of the housework with my passions, I spent the five months completely changing our lifestyle to a more holistic and healthier one.

Corporate lifestyles do not consider nourishment as “productive work.” While millions of us are prisoners of processed food that are breaking down our bodies, we almost feel shameful when we spend a few hours trying to create a healthy meal for us and our family (or even spend time reflecting on things or sleep!). It’s not “cool.” It doesn’t add value. Who would spend 2 hours making a meal when you could easily order a cheese-filled Pizza in less than 30 minutes. It’s a waste of time!

It has become our habit to normalize a fast-paced, unhealthy lifestyle.

We are so stuck up in the rat race to make vast sums of money and spend them on toxic lifestyles and habits that we have forgotten our own body’s basic needs.

Sleep. Nourishment. Exercise. Contemplation. Rest.

People shouldn’t be made to feel “less of” just because they chose to leave their jobs for a balanced and peaceful life (whatever the gender of the person).

Yes. This was also self-realization. A huge part of how I felt today was self-judgment because of the societal norms. But now I have a better perspective of looking at my contributions.

Housework is important. It’s valuable. As valuable as the work someone does in corporate environments.

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