One Important thing that can Make or Break your life

I have written about this before. But this is so crucial and dangerous that it’s not enough to talk about it just once. We need to bring this out in the open as much as we can!

We need to expose it so much that it loses power. Because if this catches you with its tight grip while influencing you to quietly create stories in your head about who you really are and what you are capable of doing, your life will be half-lived. “Regret” may become your new best friend.

The one thing that can make or break your life is Fear.

As I venture to take bold and unique decisions in my life, Fear has been making more visits than I would enjoy.

It keeps me awake at night, and it grabs my body with all its force; it tries to tell me repeatedly to stay in lane and keep “adjusting” to my comfort zone. It questions my talent and capability to work miracles and freezes me.

We have no idea about the things we do in the name of Fear.
We shrink ourselves to a small ball and hide beneath the couch.
We fill our days with “busyness” rather than real soul work.
We crush our inner knowing for years to avoid the hard work and commitment that goes into making the right things happen for us.

But no matter how strong the Fear is looming around me and shouting at its top squeaky, annoying voice, there is a small voice that is telling me to keep going.

A small part of me is quietly whispering, “You will make it. Just let go of the control. Let go… Let go.. Trust your path.”

As I am in this dark cloud of Fear, I understand how challenging it is to be in this position. But if I give in now, I will always look back and wonder, “What if I had the courage then?”

“What if I had chosen what felt right over what was perceived right?”

“What if I could have just tried?”

No! I don’t want the what-ifs.

I don’t mind the “oops” or “damn that didn’t go as I thought” or “oh well.. next decision”. BUT I DO NOT WANT THE WHAT-IFs.

Don’t let Fear fool you into believing that you are too small, too insignificant to create change.

Fear dresses herself in shiny, fashionable clothes and tells us that it cares about us. Sometimes it does. It really does.

But if we kept listening to it consistently, every day, we will be smothered by this over-protective “parent” who would never let us go beyond our limits and capabilities.

We may remain in a dark cellar thanking the world that we are protected from the world’s infinite problems. But you can rot yourself, even in a dark basement.

Besides, we didn’t come to this world to sit quietly and watch. We came here to know and challenge ourselves. We came here to listen to our most authentic selves and lead a life of genuine purpose-Self trust.

So, if you are scared today about the future or just scared to lead a heart-filled life, fear-not.. you got this, and trust that the world has your back!

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