Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

As I embark on a year long social media hiatus, the following words came to my mind. Note that this is just one of my perspectives about social media. I understand how much it has helped me connect with long lost friends, family members and sometimes even provided support during really challenging times. I believe that we don’t need to have a binary opinion about everything. It’s sometimes a spectrum.

Remember the time we wrote poems just because we loved writing?
Remember the time we learned instruments just to get lost in their tunes?
Remember the time we took photos just to revisit them after a few months or years?
Remember the time we went on vacations just to enjoy and spend time with our loved ones?
Remember the time we made art just because the colors made us feel alive?
Remember the time we gardened just because we enjoyed touching the soil and being with nature?
Remember the time when only a few people were disappointed by our successes or failures?
No hashtags, No business-related thoughts, No likes, No craze for views.

Our thoughts never became instant posts; it guided us.
Remember how everything was personal and so close to our hearts.
It was part of us.
Only a few got to see the side of us. Only a few judged.
Only a few smiled as they turned our photo albums and saw a six-year-old us without a front tooth.
Remember those times?

I don’t paint anymore just because I love painting.
I don’t write anymore just because I love writing.
I don’t go on vacations just with the intent of spending time with my family or myself.
I take Photos, Videos, Create Contents, Instagrammable boomerangs, and all with a constant fear of rejection, getting canceled, and judgment. I tell people, “Hey, look, look! I have a good life! I am learning. I am growing.”

Somedays, I reek of desperation much more than the others.
One morning, I got up and had a download about traumas. Instead of sensing and feeling the message, I went online and shared it. As the comments and likes started filling my ego-bowl, my newfound learning disappeared into the abyss, leaving me with more ego and desperation for validation.

As I see myself struggling to seek validation, I can’t help but notice,
Remember those times when everything was just so simple!

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