The Beginning…

And here it goes! Welcome to this wonderful journey! Before I start with some of my absolute favorite topics to talk about, here are a few disclaimers:

  1. Most of the knowledge that I will be sharing in my future atricles are inspired from wonderful podcasts, books and documentaries. I am just a medium to pass on this information in a more organized manner so that it can helpful to anyone who wants to bring about positive changes in their life. Since I have gone through innumerable information, I might not always remember the exact source (some of these information is common) but if I do, I will make sure to add the source and give credit to the actual person who shared it.
  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Let’s not fight, let’s discuss and find solutions together. I have realized that when I open my heart and truly listen to what someone has to say, I could understand their point of view with much more clarity. So let’s listen to each other with open ears.
  3. Something that worked for me does not mean that it would work for you but always try it with an intent that it would! For example: I go to bed at 9PM and wake at 5AM. You might just be a night owl who likes to sleep late and get up late. If so, you can go through plenty of additional resources available online that can help you be the best version of yourself. But before I started my wellness journey, I wasn’t a night owl but was too lazy to get up early. So it’s always good to try things out.
  4. Just because I share information on healthy and mindful living, does not mean that my life is always perfect and filled with rainbows and unicorns. Like everyone else, I have good and bad days (ask my wonderful partner), but these methods have really helped me to be a more honest and better version of myself.

I am so excited to share my learnings with all of you. I have immense gratitude to myself because I made sure to take time out to follow my passion.

I intend to be the most authentic and honest self while writing. I hope you enjoy the upcoming articles.



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