This is a Happy Post

I promise.

Reading and writing about Climate Change, Sustainability, Environmental conservation, hearing “both sides” of any political/social issue, consciously thinking about Life choices, and vouching for Plant-based foods can be exhausting.

So, today, I am taking a break. For me. For my mental health.

It’s also for you, my dear reader. It can be challenging just reading about everything wrong happening in our world. You deserve a break from all the worldly debates. You deserve some time to re-energize.

And when you regain your energy, you will have more power to stand for your beliefs.

So here’s a post for you and me.

Did that rhyme?

I will share with you the things that give me joy.

#1 A family member who continues to be a part of us

Here’s a photo of my Dog who lived with us from 2003–2018. She happily gave us her love, support, affection, and friendly “bites.” Despite moving to multiple far-away cities, we never abandoned her. How could we? She was family.

She passed away in 2018, but she continues to live in our conversations.

Credit: Author

My parents have a home named after her. Our Whatsapp “Family group” is named after her. We make plenty of donations each year in her name.

Author with her Pup

And whenever I face challenges in my Life, she ALWAYS visits me in my dreams and guides me to safety. Being a child of two scientists, I am inclined to say that her dream visits result from a “Neurological-chemical reaction,” but a part of me wants to believe that she is still around, dancing gleefully.

Credit: Author’s Awesome Mom

#2 Okras Oh Tasty Okras

I never in my life thought that I could grow anything out of scratch. But yesterday, my partner and I enjoyed a sumptuous meal that included Fresh, Organic Okras produced by yours truly.

Credit: Author’s Partner

Don’t they just look lovely?

#3 Butterfly: You make me cry!

Credit: Author’s fantastic friend

Can you believe the colors Nature weaves?

With her beautiful tiger stripes and a dash of blue, red, and cream, this mind-blowing Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly made me send out a silent scream.

Oh, what a beauty!

#4 The book that changed a huge part of me

My father-in-law recommended the below book to me, and after reading it, my life wasn’t the same.

The book is beautifully written with its simple single-page chapter that will inspire you to move towards a simple living.

A considerable part of my sustainability and the balanced living journey was because of this book. I have re-read it plenty of times and continue to do so. It gives me so much joy.

Photo credit: Author

#5 Last but not the least…

Last but definitely not the least, my partner and I decided to adopt two beautiful kitties.

They haven’t yet graced our home since we are preparing for their arrival, but our joy sees no bounds as we embrace them wholly and completely.

They are so cute that they make me cry. (Is that normal?)

I have never had baby kitties with me, and I hope that my partner and I will be their best roomies.

We kid you not that we are freaking out. Like a new parent, we are removing every small unhealthy object from our house.

From locking our medicine cabinets to sending away a few of my plant babies ( :( ), we hope to provide them with all the possible safety.

I hope this post gave you some relief.

It can get difficult out there. So please, do what you need to heal your mind and body.

You can stand up for everything you believe, but for an hour or so, or even a few minutes, just take deep breaths, close your devices, and feel.

One cannot pour from an empty bowl, and neither could I. So today, I decided just to let it be. Not because I ran away from my responsibilities but just to re-energize, refill and bounce back with more energy.

What makes You Happy? Can you tell me, please?

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Seethal Jayasankar

Seethal Jayasankar


I quit my 4-year Oil & Gas related job to Volunteer in gardens & work in the field of Sustainability.